Thrilling Helicopter Ride in Dubai

Dubai helicopter tour

You can take the amazing and thrilling ride of the Dubai skyline through a helicopter. It includes the flying experience of some of the most interesting landmarks and makes worth memories throughout life. It will definitely sound interesting. So just have a tour on a helicopter and make unforgettable recollections. You can take guidelines for helicopter tour from experts of the helicopter tour Dubai. Have fun and get the experience of stunning views of the city through the sky. From Burj Khalifa to Palm Jumeirah the wonderful beauty of the city, helicopter tour offers you the bird’s eye view. Just pick one of the best options for a helicopter tour Dubai according to your wish. Take notice of some of the most important points before you pick an option.  

Helicopter ride Dubai

Things to consider:  

Let’s take a look at some important factors before booking a helicopter ride. 

  1. Time of Day:

Time is the most important factor regarding your Dubai helicopter ride experience. Consider it as pollution, shingle or absence of greenery, but Dubai is frequently covered with a thin fog that can affect visibility. We would endorse you to have a mid-day ride. As during daytime, the mist is at its lowest density rate. Early morning also provides you with the clearest view of the Dubai skyline. Just avoid the sunset or post-sundown, as you will experience less visibility at these slots.  

  1. Weather:

Weather condition also affects the helicopter ride. Bad weather, Storms, dust or thunderstorms can become the cause of cancellation or postponement of the ride.  

Helicopter rides agency
  1. Tour duration

Each helicopter tour has a specific time period ranging from 12 minutes to 40 minutes. When you booked the tour, you definitely want to stay in the air for a long time. Long tour costs more, but it is the best because it can be a one-time experience for you. If the tour lasts longer, you will get more fun, experience and thrill of flying.  

  1. Finding the right tour operator

The last one but most important is to opt the best operator to ride. You have to trust the operator. Operators of Dubai helicopter tours are quite experienced and skilled.   

10 minute helicopter ride

Iconic Helicopter Tour - 12 Minutes 

The Iconic tour takes you flying for a good 12 minutes in a state of the art Eurocopter AS350 B3 helicopters. You will fly over the Palm Islands and Burj Al Arab Hotel. 

Wonders covered: 

Burj Al Arab, World Islands, The Palm Jumeirah, Business Bay, Burj Khalifa, Dubai's Famous Beach Corniche and Dubai Canal are the sights covered during the fly. 

22 min helicopter tour

Vision Helicopter Tour - 22 Minutes: 

Stunning sights of Dubai can experience with 22 minute helicopter tour. The most exciting landmarks are the Creek Golf Club, the Palm Jumeirah, Heritage Village, the Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa. The state of fly is the art Eurocopter AS350 B3 helicopters. 

Views covered: 

The Palm Jumeirah, The Wind Towers, Dubai's Famous Beach Corniche, World Islands, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Creek, Mosques in Bur Dubai and the trade souks. 

Helicopter ride dubai

Odyssey Helicopter Tour - 40 Minutes 

It is the longest helicopter tour in Dubai. The duration of the tour lasts for 40 minutes. These provide you with the unforgotten memories of life. Dubai landmarks, pictures, family and friends will make the best day of your life with the state art Eurocopter AS350 B3 helicopters. 

Wonders covered: 

Burj Al Arab, The Jumeirah Marina, The World Islands, Atlantis Hotel, Burj Khalifa, Jebel Ali Palm, Business Bay, Jumeirah Lakes, The Palm JumeirahMeydan Race Course, Dubai Canal, Heritage Site, Dubai Creek and Wind Towers are the sights covered during this longest fly. 

The Dubai helicopter tour, an unforgettable tour, you will never experience such an amazing bird like flying. I can bet, if you miss it, you will repent. Come with your friends and family and enjoy this ride and capture the stunning views of beautiful land Dubai.