Things Which You Cannot Do in Dubai

When you think about to visit or have the possibility to get an employment in Dubai, you should remember a few things in mind about the rules and laws in Dubai. Dubai is a fabulous country having courteous, hospitable and generous people, but during your stay in Dubai, always remember that this is not your country, you are staying in another country which has a different culture and belief system. It is necessary for everyone to respect the laws of other countries so that you can enjoy your stay and make your trip memorable. 

It is easy for naive visitors to fall obscene of the law in Dubai, where strict punishments are tendered out for things, which might not be illicit elsewhere. There are few things that you should never take for granted such as:



People who are visiting for Dubai first time must know that swearing is not a good act. Dubai is very conservative about cursing, swear words, bad and all kind of vulgar languages. These actions are considered as an obscene and rude gesture. If anyone does it, they can be fined or jailed.

Bounced Checque

Writing a Bounce Cheque: 

One of the most criminal offences is non-repayment of debt. In that case, people can send directly to jail. Bounced cheque, ignorance regarding paying bills including hotel bill can also become the reason of custody.


Alcohol Consumption:  

Only Non-Muslims licensed restaurants, bars, private venue, clubs and at home have the permission of Alcohol ConsumptionAt every general stores and supermarket, Alcohol cannot be purchased until you don’t have a license for consumption for their personal use at home. Tourists must not be allowed to purchase liquor from these stores. It is not allowed to drink liquor at public or family places. If you do it against the rule, you can be arrested even you through purchase the alcohol legally. 

Sharing Room

Sharing a Room: 

It is against the rule of Dubai to share the room. Sharing a room of the opposite sex, unmarried couple, opposite gender friends, closely related people are just equal to breaking the law, although visitors are hardly impeached. It is also against the rule of Dubai to share rooms for lovebirds who have not yet tied the knot. Just don’t share the room opposite sex until you are not wedded or closely related.



You should not dance in public, although there are bars and nightclubs in Dubai. You are allowed to dance in privacy at your home or at licensed clubs. Dancing and loud music are restricted in public places. In case of violation, you will have to pay fine or you can be arrested. 


Displaying Affection in Public: 

Kissing and hugging at the public place are banned even for married couples. Such things are socially unacceptable and considered as breaking the rule and laws of Dubai. Holding hand is allowed only for married couples.


Sexual Harassment: 

Taking photographs of women openly without permission, randomly addressing women in public or sexual harassment are "strictly frowned upon" in UAE. Randomly address in public just a disrespect towards the religious beliefs and practices. It is considered as a serious crime and criminals can punish by heavy fine with jail. It is further a very serious crime if you posted these pictures on social media. It can fine up you to Dhs 500000. It can also cause you to go to jail for 6 months. 



Cross-dressing is a very illegal manner not only for visitors but also for residents. It is strictly against the law if you reveal the clothes in public place. It is just a fun experience for open-minded people but it is never allowed in the UAE. In Dubai, other than the beaches or pools dressing might be considered improper if it is transparent or above the knee.  



Bringing illegal medicines in the country are very dangerous as well as having psychotropic materials is considered a crime. If you are using any medicines, it is necessary to bring a note from your doctor. Also, it is must to get a permit from the authorities. 

Ramadan Do's-Don'ts

Restriction in The Month of Holy Ramadan: 

During the holy month of Ramadan, there are some rules that must be followed by tourists or visitors specially for non-Muslims. It is necessary for visitors not to eat or drink anything in public places. In case of violation one may have to face serious problems. 

These are some illegal things in Dubai that have been described above. You can understand the laws of Dubai if you have any plan of visiting Dubai, just follow the rules and regulation of Dubai and make your trip memorable for a lifetime.