Job Seekers Guide for Dubai

Dubai is the place where thousands of expats come to explore the job opportunities every year. Dubai is listed in top rank in term of giving expat experiences. Having a Dubai job period in your resume rises your probabilities of attainment the next big break. 

Dubai Jobs Guideline

Most of the expats came in the UAE to earn money, anyhow, it’s the first hand millennium or the western expat by you. You can also enjoy some bonuses of income. It must be a luxurious lifestyle for you.  

It is natural that one has an interest when the handsome salary package and bonuses offer. For this, ministry of labor specially watches on the labor laws. This law implemented and bring the uneducated or the oblivious land for you in society.

You must follow some guidelines for moving emirates for the job: 

Dubai Jobs Rules

Do Not Jump: 

When you have got a job and your new employer wants you to join the firm instantly, so you have to wait a while before start a new job. Remember the pledge to your prior employer and fulfill the end-of-term formalities which is necessary according to the labor law in Dubai. For example, attend your notice period or find any other solution of this problem that must be approved. As the ministry of labor does not ignore your obligations to previous employer. As most of the people come here for a job on work visa because it will help them to ensure the best evolution for the firm to terminate their visa and obtain a new work visa.

Dubai Employment Agreement

Read Your Agreement: 

The most important and the ignore point is reading the contract. One should read its contract appropriately and patiently. Some fundamental moments are often given to selectors by HR. You must go through it. If you don’t, it will be the biggest mistake that you do. The employee must take a copy of the contract and then read it carefully before the employer tell him to sign it.  Just ask a friend or partner for assistance, if you need to run through the particulars. Just make sure that you read the key points about your basic wage, yearly leave, trial period, terms and conditions of expiry, limited/unlimited agreement and other info.


Check the Behavior of your New Owner: 

Firstly, just notice how considerate your new manager is. If you feel the new member does not cooperate with you such as postponing process, give no importance to your requests and demands, it indicates that you are not in the best appropriate environment. When you join the company and you are unhappy and unsatisfied then it is not a good sign. It it is possible, then take a round of the workplace and notice the behavior of your colleagues. If you find a good and friendly face, then ask them about job regulations. It might be a chance for you to know the true picture that saves you from a bad situation in the future.

Keep Duplicates of All Papers: 

While changing the job, you have to complete millions of formalities. It can be very difficult for you to keep the track of all authorized documents that you received. Take photocopies of all the papers you have signed including visa termination, agreement, no objection certificate, new employer work visa, designation status and pictures.

Dubai Basic Pay

Check your Basic pay: 

Your basic pay is considered very important, as it calculate all requirements and demand of your daily life. Low basic pay can affect your bonuses and other benefits. Just talk to your employer and check rules and regulations about gratuity and perks on a contract which will save you from sock situation later.

Labor Laws In Dubai

Legal Accommodation: 

It is the responsibility of an employer to provide a legal accommodation, suitable transport and entertainment activities except food and water for its employees. Conferring to the UAE ruling, workers, which have earned less than Dh2,000 are applicable for free accommodation. This rule is applicable to those organizations, that have more than 50 hiring. It is necessary for job seekers to find a legal stay in the UAE during their work period. People who work in the UAE and rent out rooms in Airbnb on regular or weekly basis are banned. The hotel, guest houses, condos and other private properties which are available for rent for visitors are illegal accommodation on daily and weekly basis for labors in Dubai.

These are some basic and important points that should be kept in mind while coming for job in Dubai. These key points will definitely help you and keep you safe from any troubles and serious problems in future.