Flyboarding in Dubai

Dubai Flyboarding burj khalifa

Dubai is a luxurious place as it has seven-star hotels, giant shopping malls and exciting theme parks. In the coming era, it has been amazing note that Dubai is becoming a part of comparatively tranquil waters of the Persian Gulf. It has also become the home of particular and thrilling, beautiful water sports including flyboarding. 

What is Flyboarding? 

Very simply, flyboarding can be defined as a belt on the water jet board on your feet that will force and take you to rise in the sky. One only can have a dream of such kind of activity. The configuration of the fly board is like to the snowboard. Under the feet, there is a jet pack that is designated to feed the water through the long tube, while the other end of long tube is attached to a jet ski. The pressure of the water from this jet ski pushing you between water and the air.  

Here are some basic tips, enclosure and guidelines about flyboarding: 



You must have attachments like a rental, obligatory tools like helmet and life jacket, Expert accessories, Updates and English certified teacher. 


The most important guidelines to keep in mind that the customer should be over the age of 12 years and must be an active swimmer. It must be noted that the customer reaches 20 minutes before the exact time. Notification must be given of the designated time along with the location. Before beginning the experience, the original passport must be given up. 

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The guidelines are very simple to apply that once you are flying far enough from the jet sky, then balance yourself.  

  • Straight up your body in the water with the flyboard 
  • In the case of moving upward, just lock your legs that allow the water pressure to impulses you forward.  
  • You will move forward when your toes pointed downward.  
  • You will move backwards if you point out your toes backwards.  
  • To move towards the right direction, just lift your left knee up and vice versa.  
  • The Jet Ski’s water pressure controls the height of your flight, the instructor control all the situation. 
Dubai flyboarding 2019

Flyboarding instructions: 

There are also small lists of tips should be benefits for the tourists.  

  • Just try to focus on a single point while you are in airborne. Some people like to have the view of Burj al Arab, which helps to refresh your mind and feel like you are in water pressure.  
  • You must try to dive when you are booming into the water. Raise your hands, that will help to break the water pressure. After dropping the water pressure, the helmet is used, which will bring down the influence.  
  • The alcoholic patient should not try this activity.  
  • High tides and high wind speeds are suitable for the fly board.  
  • Must wear your safety gadgets. These necessaries will keep you safe.  
  • Must listen to the guidelines, the tutor will help you consistently.  

Having a tour of flyboarding will definitely an exciting journey. The experience also goes enthusiastic with the view of the Burj Al Arab and surrounding areas. Flying in the air and breathing with the high waves is really amazing. You will never experience such an outstanding airborne before.