Dubai Hub Zero

Hub Zero

Dubai invites people to Hub zero who really keen to have fun. This is the place for gamers, cybernetic reality aficionados and video game fans. Hub zero is an entertainment area extends over 2 levels and approximately 18,000 square meters. The system of the Hub is totally amazing. It has about 14 areas that have organized according to the world’s biggest and famous game franchise. This is the place where the actual and virtual world strike and make a novel universe. 

Game Zone Hub Zero

Hub Zero Charms: 

Hub zero has the amazing biggest gaming area. It was sectioned into two floors having a multitude of fascinations. The ground floor is the most beautiful and attractive area that is further divided into 5 sections: Hyper, Thriller, Shooter, Group fun and Gaming. You must keep in your mind that many of the games have the least height limit of 120 cm. Here is some brief information about the section in the Hub zero. 


Hack Attack: 

Rain bullets are 10 minutes full force enthralling immersive 3D attack in which exceptional gun campaigns on stimulators are used. You will experience loud sounds, simulated shooting, strobe and fire special effects with bursting 360-degree experience. 

Hub Zero Resident Evil

Resident Evil: In an Umbrella crop lab and attack on zombies with laser guns. If you shoot the maximum number of zombies, higher the points you got.  

Virtual Dome: 

Just visit the wireless veracity experience in Dubai. There are advanced technology head riding displays, cue imprisonment systems, as well as actual 3D engines. This game includes the murder of 61 zombies on the first level. 3D experience gives you the most exciting enjoyment. 

Asura’s Rage: 

This is the 4D cinema, which involves leg riddles, seat throb, water spritzer, air flash and in-theatre deep echo effects. This is the most excited and thrilling video game. Before starting the game, a pre-movie is shown for those who have not experienced to play this game.

Dragon Zone hub zero

Dragon Age: 

Get ready to discover the legendary world of the territory with the jaunt on the back of the dragon. In this ride, you have the thrilling experience of shirking arrows, trees and mystic twisters. This explosive 360-degree coaster can accommodate only a few people at a time on a single ride. 

Escape from Midgar: 

You get the outstanding 3D experience of heart-stopping bus journey and escape from the daring world of Midgar. A person can also experience the superb graphics in an obsession channel, loud sounds, blasts, illumination effects and virtual dwindling effects. 

Hyper Drive: 

Here is the game for those who have keen to play Need for Speed. This is the most rousing and stirring video game presented on three 42” monitors. Simulate an amazing and outstanding driving experience with 6 different degrees of motion. 

Hub Zero Zombie

Double Agent: 

Just protect the important records by the motion of laser beams having four levels from easy to advanced. This game checks your skills that reflected the dexterity and reactions as you attempt not to interrupt any of the rays.  

Plants vs. Zombies: 

This is the two-tiered self-supported soft play zone ideal for children and toddlers. There are also the striking Pea Chute glides, Turf War ball fight, and foam mortars. Your kids are surely attracted to this place as their favourite.  

Erect Adventure Hero Area: 

You can judge your power, flexibility and alertness. This is your challenge to strapped to hitches while mounting the zone.  

Kids Games in Hub Zero

Sports Academy: 

This is the spot for you to check your soccer and firing skills. This is the 12 minute PES tournament, which gives a passionate physical dare.  

Tiny Track Racers: 

Awake the inside kart in your infant as the little ones compete with one another in customized kart comes with a routing wheel, screen and thunder chairs with kickbacks. 

Network Stadium: 

Just start your game in one of the 40 stations having a high-speed internet connection, nominal expectancy and advanced PC games.  

Hub Zero Sports Games

Time Warp Gallery: 

This is especially for the adults, who experience the best and famous games of their childhood, such as Pac Man, Galaga, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Pinball and other tabletop games. 

Lucky Break: 

Situated in the upper portion of Hub zero, it has 10 features of tournament tables. It can be hired and perfect for pool fans willing to training their shots. 


Hub zero has 6 karaoke suites furnished with a large collection of international melodies and recording gadgets.  

Hub zero family zone


An ideal place to enjoy and celebrate the birthdays, throw parties as well as friends and family get together. Food catering facility is also accessible.  

Hub zero is an amazing place for kids as well as for adults. Everyone can enjoy themselves with driving trainers, retro walkways, entertainment rooms and even an communicating virtual climbing wall. Hub is located in Jumeirah district. It is the first kind of place in this region. Hub zero makes usage of state of the art expertise to take you in all-new aspect.