An Introduction of Global Village Dubai


Global Village is in the area of Dubailand with the different collections that represent the country around the world. The village includes selling trinkets, foods, clothes, map, dates and other information that represents the culture. It is the first region adventure park that takes you around the world. By old-style advanced performances, you must be fascinated. You must enjoy the magical experience of shopping from bazaar to bazaar because this village is like no other. Taste reliable from over 20 countries. It is such an entertainment destination that gives sight, sound from all over the globe. You must come and just enjoy beautiful diversity.


The Global village is linked with the Dubai shopping festival having timings around 1600-2400 weekdays. Monday is only a family day and men are not allowed except men with families. The first season of global village was held in 1996 in the Deira side of Dubai Creek. First, the parking area was on the opposite to the Dubai Town building but now it has shifted to a Dubailand location from 2005. 


One can enjoy in the global village Dubai with a lot of activities such as Art of fire, electrifying bounce, Chinese poles and skywheel stunt show. The brand new 58m high Wheel of the World has extraordinary views of the Dubai land area. There are 2600 shops and almost 10,000 staff members. The Global Village represents the collection of about 22 restaurants and cafes every year, which will be hosted with international cuisine, where more than 120 themed food kiosks offering food experiences to the visitors. There is also a Monster Stunt Show with action, fight scenes, drifting cars and stunt bikers.

Global Village (1)

The Global village has a small area of enjoyment activities like rides, games and amusements. The Ferris wheel goes high sufficient, you can see more sand than you regularly would from ground level. You can definitely get a beautiful view from Burj Dubai. There are also very small roller coaster rides that spin you round with real enjoyment with a collection of prize-winning activity. You must visit the most popular global village of Dubai that will surely be a remember trip for you. 


There is also a street entertainment, multi-cultural shows, special family events and explosive displays. You must have a wonderful thrill shows with a great anchor. The global village also gives you the chance of enjoying the concerts by celebrities. It offers you all for the price of just having one entry ticket of AED 15. Its shopping is expanding from unbelievable India and delightful Morocco to fairylike Turkey and fashionable Europe. At a global village, there are more than 3,500 shopping openings from 75+ countries. More than 25 country buildings offering goods from around the world. Having shopping here is very reliable and you must be guaranteed shopping like never before.    


You can also visit one of the 20 plus multi-cultured diners in restaurants and cafes. You must enjoy the Turkish Delight, Arabic Shawls, Thai Fruit Juices or Iranian Kebabs around the park. Global Village will take your flavour buds on a desirable journey around the world. There is first ever multi-cultural Fluctuating Market. It just gives you the worldwide cooking experience that serves the most delicious food serving food from around the globe. You also experience the new circus at the Carnival that includes ringmaster, perch acts, high wire acts, jokers, wheel of death and so much more. In the history of Global Village, the largest carnival ground with over 30 rides. There are also a ton's variety of skill games and arcade games.  


With a massive new production, the global village stunt show is coming back this year with the gravity challenging stunts also available which are guaranteed to smash and amaze. The new brand of crazy foragers has taken over the Super loop control plant near future. You must also watch fearless hero Kate Skinner; the all-action scientist is entangled. It also has unbelievable stunts which include falls from high constructions, flamethrowers and skidding cars. The smoke pours from the tire, a motorbike on a high wire and the death challenging stunts. You also watch the driving a car upside down in the huge super loop. It is guaranteed that the global village will give all types of entertainments.